What Are the Best Beach Towns to Visit near Puerto Vallarta?

There can be many answers to this, as your favorite beach town will depend on the type of person you are as the different areas attract different people. There are towns where you can see more traditional Mexican families, there are the towns where a big part of the population are hippies and artists, there are some towns that attract more business and nightlife – you can find everything within a small area in Nayarit and Jalisco. We can point you in some direction and you can take care of the rest by going there and seeing yourself what is the best surfing town or village near Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta is a magical town on its own and used to be the town where many actors and actresses lived, from Mexico and the United States. With the most beautiful architecture and blessed cuisine – you will love sitting in a cafe if you ended up there and admiring the cobble stone streets, street vendors, the marina and beautiful boardwalk next to the Pacific Ocean with more than many amazing sunsets. You can’t surf right in Puerto Vallarta, although some surfers have been spotted there in front of the Malecon. Most surfing beaches are either North or South of Puerto Vallarta.

Your first beach to surf would be in Punta De Mita. Very forgiving waves, and of course, you would have longboard waves as well. The town itself has a more American feel and somewhat vacationing feel as there are many big hotels and resorts there. Along the beach are some great surf spots and if you let Surfing Puerto Vallarta team take you there, we will plan an amazing time for You, as we have been teaching surfing in that area for over 20 years.

There are lots of things to do in Puerto Vallarta like going out to eat, enjoying the Malecon, and the historic section of town. But if you are thinking of visiting some towns and beaches near Puerto Vallarta, just get on the bus from downtown that has Sayulita written on it or Punta De Mita and just enjoy your ride there along with seeing what the beach towns have to offer.  And it is a lot. But You gotta be ready to go for a day or maybe two. You can go early in the morning and come back before night. Or book a hotel or an Airbnb and stay a few nights to get a feel for the nightlife as well. If at first you had your heart set on Puerto Vallarta,but decide to go exploring, get ready to be wonderfully surprised. You might fall in love with any town on the coast near Puerto Vallarta. There really is a variety of towns, that is for a wide variety of people to live and tourist in. Sayulita for example is  a famous boho chic surfing town. Lots of movies are made there. You will also love San Pancho or San Francisco, maybe even so much that you never want to leave. That is how a lot of locals came there, just for a few days that turned into a week, a month, and then many happy years to come. They have a sort of magic about them all.

La Cruz De Huanacaxtle

If you love running in the morning or whenever, this town is perfect for that ! There is a Marina, where you can go enjoy the boats of travelers or see some local sailors. Lots of cute places to eat and some good bars with live music. Mexican style homes and an international crowd. Lots of German settlers for some reason as well, who have set up some great yoga studios and hostels, boutique hotels, and restaurants.

Do you love morning walks to the coffee shop? On or really close to the street that you live ? You can enjoy this in Puerto Vallarta, La Cruz De Huanacaxtle, San Pancho, Lo De Marcos. These town basically revolve around the coastline and the beach. Lots of cafes, lots of business. Sometimes sleepiness.

The amazing beach setting and the cute restaurants, smoothie bars, and taco joints – something that will have you mesmerized for quite some time. Some people arrive in this area and never leave. This is how nice it is. And the culture is not just Mexican, but from all over the world. People travel there and stay as long as they can, I’ve met lots of international people in this area.

You can also get a job at a cafe or an art store – and enjoy your days, maybe yoga and some surf, and the endless sunsets. You can’t get around the most amazing sunsets in the world.

Punta De Mita.

Go find this beautiful gem and enjoy the surf. All day, every day. There are many hotels and tourist there as well.

Beautiful restaurants right on the ocean what gets more beautiful than this.

San Pancho aka San Francisco

Go to San Francisco or San Pancho as it is in Spanish, where you can enjoy the art, the vibe, the local surf culture, and great music. Surfing all day and sunsets are amazing. You will find all the local pros in the water every single day, many times a day even. You can surf there as much as you like and if you want a slightly bigger town vibe – you can head to the town next to it – Sayulita.


Sayulita is already very famous in many TV shows and movies. The picturesque backdrop when you are in the water waiting for waves and watching them roll towards the beach – the view is uncomparable to anything you have ever seen. The Spanish style architecture, the bars, and restaurants. The locals have made this town super surfer-friendly as there are many stores and shops that offer surf lessons and surf boards. If you choose us at Surfing Puerto Vallarta here to be your surf  guides, we will pick you up at your hotel and take you all the way from Puerto Vallarta if  you happen to be there and drive you while telling you stories about the area, the people, the food – lets say you have a local friend who is also your coach. Surf lessons from the team of Surfing Puerto Vallarta will put you at ease when travelling to the area. Finding great surf towns or villages in or near Puerto Vallarta can be hard from just looking online for pictures, info, or videos – trust us to take you to a place of your choice. We know the best places to surf with the best conditions. It is all taken care of. You will have a great surfing coach and an unbeatable experience.

Lo Del Marcos.

This town will have you mesmerized if you give it a chance.  A beauty and gem that you will want to visit – something for artists especially, where creativity has no limits. It is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Loved by artists, as you can go to the restaurant on the beach, have some fresh fish tacos or a beer and write your novel. It is very small and there is one beach, but the vibe of the town – the town square with its fiestas and parties, the slow lifestyle of the people living there, all add to its quiet charm. Most of the time the elder gentlemen from the village play cards on the sidewalk around a setting with some cafe tables on the main street. You can walk to the beach, enjoy freshly caught fish or go greet the fishermen and see how they take their boats out to sea and how they come back.

It is so quiet and so beautiful .The town is tiny. I lived there for 6 months and can recommend this town to anyone looking for a sort of a retreat where to gather thoughts, work on projects, where to enjoy life. Unfortunately, there is no surf but there is a surf shop. There are fishing boats and mango trees. You will find mangos on the street. There are also chickens walking around. If you walk to the far-end of the beach to the left and you will find their flavorful fish. Once a week, the town has a party and you will see everyone gathering and taking along their pastries, jewelry, and artisian work – to sel lit on the main square. Yet, there are people dancing all night and the fun has no end. It is Mexican Magic.


Go enjoy this beautiful beachtown if you want to be introduced to more local culture, maybe go to the movies. There is more of a center here and business is always booming. But it is a more traditional family town, where on the beach on the weekends, you can see Mexican families enjoying their time together. Lots of fishermen will catch your eye along with some traditional fishing boats.

San Blas

A great place for kitesurfers. The wind is consistent and there is lots of flat water. What a beautiful town to spend some time at the beach and enjoy real Mexican culture, the seafood, and music. There are the fishing boats. You will see the most amazing sunset. A long walk on the beach is mandatory.

Choose Surfing Puerto Vallarta to be your surf tour guide. Just remember to bring water, a towel, clothes to change if you like, some trail mix, a banana – and you are set ! If you like, we can also take you to eat real Mexican food – the tacos here are delicious and have you reminiscing about them in no time.

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