Surfing With Healthy & Ocean Friendly Sunscreen

Protecting Yourself when Heading to the Beach

To protect the Ocean Life, consider using a sunscreen that does not contain harmful substances such as oxybenzone, triclosan, or parabens as they increase the risk of cancer in humans and pollution in the ocean. This is harmful for coral reefs that keep the ocean so beautiful. Instead, find a sunscreen that has titanium and zinc in it. You can also use natural sunscreen such a Coconut Oil, Carrot Oil, Almond Oil, or Shea Butter. You want to have Vitamin D and this is only made in your body when you let yourself be in the sun without sunscreen for at least 20-minutes a day. If you stay in the sun longer than your skin is used to, use sunscreen. But you might as well make your own or buy Safe Sunscreen – Safe for You & Safe for the Ocean.

Oxybenzone especially can cause cell damage and hormone disruptions, leading to genetic mutations and defects in DNA repair. This can be especially bad for children and new mothers. It takes a little effort to gather safe sunscreen ingredients but making a sunscreen for yourself and your family can be a fun process. Read this article about making your own suncreen here.

Homemade Sunscreen.

Bring this with You when You come Surfing with Us! If you don’t have it or don’t have the time to make it, we can buy one for You for a reasonable price. And Enjoy the Surf knowing You have done everything you can to Protect the Ocean you are going to Surf!

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