Surfing Lessons Offered by Surfing Puerto Vallarta Crew

SURFING LESSON IS 3 HOURS & INCLUDES PICK-UP & DROP-OFF! If You Like We Can Go for Lunch, too! šŸ™‚ Surfing Puerto Vallarta coaches will take you to a beach with perfect conditions for you, depending on your skill-level. Beginners to advanced all welcome. Ahead of time we will assess your level, give you information on weather conditions, where to check the surf report, and how to know what time of day is best for your surfing session. You will learn to read the conditions, safety on land and in water, how to choose the right surfboard, where to get in the water, how to stand up, how to maneuver the waves, where to be in the line-up and so much more. You will be accompanied by professionals as to make your surfing experience what it is meant to be – amazing and enjoyable, yet making sure you are safe and well-guided. Aloha!

What Kind of Surfing Trips We Offer?

Whether You are looking to learn to stand up on a surfboard for the first time or if you are looking for some pointers to polish your skill, or some know-how into the surf spots Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding area has to offer, You are in the right place! Surfing Puerto Vallarta surf coaches will happily take you on a surf trip or give you surf lessons You will never forget!

Sand Surfing!

Our Amazing coaches at Surfing Puerto Vallarta Will Have You Surfing In No Time! Beach Surfing Workout & Preparation With Stretching Techniques! Water & Land.

surfing technique by Puerto Vallarta Surfing

Learning to surf is a challenge and it is a great challenge. You will have to go out of your comfort zone and if you haven’t been swimming in the ocean it can seem quite scary but our instructors are very well prepared to see that you succeed. The surf coaches at Surfing Puerto Vallarta have years of experience and will know where to take you to surf from a beginner level to a more advanced one. Everyone is welcome and guaranteed a great time. Surfing lessons and tours are a great way to learn to know the area and culture by seeing how locals interact with each other in and out of the water. Go to eat out with one of our surf guides and you will learn even more about Mexico. Bless!

ā€œI had the most fun on my vacation learning to surf! So happy!ā€



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