Surfing As A Beginner In Mexico Is Best In Puerto Vallarta – Welcome To Surfing Puerto Vallarta!

Wondering Where You Can Surf As A Beginner in Mexico?

Wondering where you can surf as a beginner in Mexico? Well, you have come to the right place. Here, in Puerto Vallarta there are many beaches where you can start your surfing journey from. Puerto Vallarta has many beautiful spots to surf and catch your first waves. Surfing Puerto Vallarta coaches will take you to exactly the right waves, since Puerto Vallarta is not in the open ocean, the surfing conditions here are perfect for beginners to take their first surfing lessons. Mexico has a lot of perfect places to surf and it can be daunting when you first open your online search, especially if you haven’t been in Mexico before. Here, at Surfing Puerto Vallarta, we are locas surf guides and will make sure you are happy with you first surfing experience.

Even if you are more advanced in surfing or what if you are a pro, are you going to find challenging waves. Yes, depending on what level of surfing you want, we are here to be your surfing advisors. With over 30 years of surfing experience, Jose, the lead surf coach at Surfing Puerto Vallarta can make some calls and is able to acommodate you in any part of Mexico, if you are searching for that. And if you are a beginner surfer or a complete newbie, our surfing guides will give you an unforgettable surfing lesson right here in Puerto Vallarta or a nearby beach, as the waves are very forgiving in this area and is just perfect for people to do their first surfing lessons. Don’t worry about the wave conditions as you will start out on a long board and we can take you to perfect waves for long boards. You can even enjoy sunset surf and dream the day away waiting on some waves in the water. The surface of the ocean glistening in the rhythm of the approaching night, the play of light and dark, where your senses will be overthrown by the golden sunrays that gently run over the surface of the water.

Near Puerto Vallarta there is Punta De Mita, a part of Nayarit that has a true gem of a beach, where camping would be pure bliss. Here at Surfing Puerto Vallarta we would love to take you to some beaches at Punta De Mita where locals go and enjoy every second of their day. Beautiful days behind us, Beautiful days ahead.


  • SAYULITA - Beautiful beach town where you can enjoy surfing with the locals. Usually crowded, a good place to experience the real surfing culture of Nayarit.
  • SAN PANCHO - Hippie beach town with a wonderful rivermouth beach break. Usually a South swell. Lots of local surfers.
  • LOS VENEROS - North and South swells, awesome surfing.
  • BURROS - Locals love this spot! Beautiful nature and beach. Usually a North swell.
  • LA BAHIA - A reef break. Usually a South swell.

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