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Surfing Puerto Vallarta offers Surf Lessons and Surf Tours for all levels of surfing – fro beginner surfing lessons, to advanced surfing lessons, to surfing tours for pros. Depending on your skill level and choice, you will be taken to surf where you will have the most fun. Surfing Puerto Vallarta surf guides are competent in assessing the weather, ocean terrain, and surf conditions to take you to the best spot possible. They know the area of Nayarit and Jalisco well, and they can take you to Puerto Vallarta near-by surf spots or even further depending on what you also are looking for. Don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] and discuss the options !

Surfing Lesson by Surfing Puerto Vallarta for Beginners

  • You will begin your surfing lesson getting to know your surf guide before the lesson as when they meet your near your hotel, at the airport, or on the beach if you like. Your surf guide is knowledgeable about the area, so ask him questions about the area or your surf lesson !
  • Ahead of time or at the time of your pick up you will assess the weather, waves, your concerns, and wants as to where you will be having your surfing lesson. Surf guides at Surfing Puerto Vallarta know all the surf spots in and near Puerto Vallarta and you are guaranteed to have an amazing experience !
  • In the beginning of your surf lesson, you will be going through basic techniques of stretching as to give your body the conditioning to enter the water and feel as little sore as possible in the days following your surfing lesson.
  • In the first part of the surfing lesson you will also learn to position yourself on the board, standing up, looking for the wave, catching the wave, position while riding the wave, your position in the line-up.
  • Your surfing lesson also includes a talk on water safety.
  • Our surf guides at Surfing Puerto Vallarta will be with you in the water and help you catch your first waves.
  • Your Surf Lesson with your personal Surfing Puerto Vallarta surf guide will be approximately 2.5 hours, not included pick-up and drop-off if you desire.
  • Our surf guides at Surfing Puerto Vallarta are here to make you feel comfortable at all times. Voice any concerns at the beginning of your lesson. If you want to get snacks and drinks to go, they can take you to a store beforehand.
  • If you are looking to document or film your adventure with Surfing Puerto Vallarta, we can manage that and bring along a photographer for the surfing trip.

Make Your Surfing Day Unforgettable With Our Best Surf Coaches at Surfing Puerto Vallarta and Book Today!

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