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Private Surfing Lessons and Tours in Puerto Vallarta
Surfing Puerto Vallarta is a group of local surfers to the Puerto Vallarta area, a group of friends who are all dedicated to bringing out the best in you and get you riding waves as seamlessly as possible. Surfing is an artform and we all have a unique way of riding the wave. You could be a beginner or a pro, and you will have your own style that is particular to You. We want to bring that out in You. Surfing for the fun of it! Surfing because you think about it all the time and there is something inside of you that is saying that you are going to make a great surfer. Learning to surf takes time. Surfing lessons offered by Surfing Puerto Vallarta are full of fun and ease, yet they take you far giving you a solid foundation on how to approach the ocean, how to take care of your body, and how to have consideration for other surfers and swimmers in the ocean, how to exist side-by-side with ocean life. Surfing is so much more that just a sport. It is a lifestyle. Surfing is a way of being. Surfing Puerto Vallarta surfing guides have tremendous experience teaching people to surf and they already know all the things that you need to be aware of when entering, spending time in, and exiting the water. Trust Us to Lead You down the Path of Surfing. Working with other surfers is our passion as well, as to meet people from different backgrounds and having different experience is what we thrive on as well. Every day is a lesson. Every day is learning. And in our case, teaching or showing Our Clients something that they will remember for the rest of their life. Book A Surf Lesson or Surf Tour Today!

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long board surfing in Puerto Vallarta
long board surfing in Puerto Vallarta

Come Enjoy Your First Surfing Lesson with Us! We will guide You through every step until You are on the Wave and riding over an Ocean with so much Life underneath that You will be Only to witness when You are Out there!

Our Surf Guides and Coaches are very well versed in teaching you the proper techniques and energy saving poses that will guarantee flexibility in the water and the strength necessary to take your surfing skills to the next level, wherever your level is at the moment. This is especially beneficial to beginners.

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